Jerusalem Print Workshop Features Buky Schwartz's Prints in Metamorphoses: Replication and Copy in Israeli Print

“Following the invention of photography in the late nineteenth century, artistic printmaking was liberated of the need to reproduce known works of art. The act of reproduction made a transformation, to an extent, from a technical challenge to a conceptual one. Now free from the requirements of technical or manual reproduction, as defined by Walter Benjamin, treatment of a masterpiece has become a continual act of metamorphosis, combining vision, mind and technical challenge.

The works in the exhibition reveal various aspects in the relationship between origin and replication, as they manifest in Israeli printmaking: from the replication of works of art, through the medium of printmaking and to post-modern aspects pertaining to the artistic image.” (Jerusalem Print Workshop)

View select prints by Buky Schwartz in Metamorphoses: Replication and Copy in Israeli Print. 

Curator: Yair Talmor


Thursday, May 12, 2022 at 7:00 p.m.


June 10, 2022


Estate of Artist Buky Schwartz